Social Media Monitoring – American Horror Story

I have decided to analyze and compare American Horror Story’s Twitter and Facebook pages. I chose to monitor these pages at one of the highest times of activity, which would be on Wednesday with the premiere of a new episode.  On Twitter, with the amount of tweets that were coming in within minutes of each other, I decided to monitor 30 mentions using the hashtag #AHS. On Facebook, I chose a recent picture that was posted for that night’s episode and monitored 30 comments on that. With the information that I gathered from monitoring both social media sites I not only compared the negative and positive mentions/comments, which I made a graph for, I also analyzed the different themes that the audience was drawn to.

After monitoring the negative and positive mentions/comments I found that most people tended to leave negative comments on Facebook. The picture below is the one I monitored and it had the caption “Tomorrow, you best listen to jazz.”  Obviously relating to some of last weeks scenes.


 The comments on this picture were mostly positive relating to the photo and about loving the character or the show, but there were a couple of comments about how they disliked the storyline of this season and wished it were better. On Twitter, since American Horror Story didn’t post a related picture, the followers mentions were mostly excitement about that night’s episode. Out of the 30 mentions that I monitored there was not a single negative one.

Created on

Created on

 One thing I noticed between Facebook and Twitter is that the audience responds more when there is a picture posted. On the official Facebook page each picture that was posted with a quote caption got between 50,000 to over 130,000 likes at one time, with shares up to 15,000 per photo. Even posts without pictures get from 30,000 to 90,000 likes. On Twitter, when a picture is posted it can get between 600 to 1,000 favorites, with up to 1,500 retweets. I also found something on Twitter that was not happening on the Facebook page. The American Horror Story followers have almost created a cult-based fan club, by using different saying from the show. A majority of the tweets had the saying “One Wednesdays we wear black” with an accompanying picture of the main characters dressed in black.

Based on the all the information that I found monitoring Facebook and Twitter I have created some recommendations for American Horror Story. For one, I think that they should create a larger audience in the Twitter world. Their Facebook page has over 5 million likes and their Twitter page only has around 300,000 followers. Adding more Twitter followers will help the show to gain more recognition over multiple social media sites.  American Horror Story has recently become apart of the GetGlue craze, so they should also be promoting their association with that and getting more fans to join. I believe that American Horror Story has a great following of fans and that is seen by the interactions on both social media sites. As long as they keep their interactions high they will keep bringing in the social media fans.

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Nike Releases Nike+ Fuelband SE

With the rise of the health revolution, there has also been a rise in the need and want for fitness trackers. There are many different types of fitness trackers that are available to the public and new editions of these come out almost weekly. With this rise of popularity of fitness trackers Nike had to find a way to stand out above the rest. So, in response Nike released a new version of their already popular Nike+ Fuelband on November 6. They decided to call this Fuelband “SE,” which stands for second edition, naturally.

Retrieved from Google Search

Retrieved from Google Search

If you’re looking for a way to stay on track and see your progress then this Fuelband takes the initiative to do so. This  new edition nudges you when you have been sitting for an extended period of time and even lets you differentiate between a casual stroll from a high intensity workout. The design of the band has also changed. They have made the band lighter than the original Fuelband and added an array of colors. You can keep track off all of your Fuel points with the related app that you can download on your smart phone.

I would like to say that I am a fitness fanatic and I am actually in the process of finding a fitness tracker that works best. After viewing all the features from the Nike website and reading the reviews, I honestly don’t know if I would be willing to spend the $150 that it is currently priced at. The pros of the SE Fuelband are the new features that have been created with the reminders to get up and be active and the fact that differentiate from the activities that you are doing, so you are able to get the correct amount of points. The cons are definitely the price point. Yes, it is a Nike product and it does some pretty interesting things, but there is no way I could pay $150 for something I workout in.

In the end, if you’re looking for a fitness tracker and don’t have a budget then the Nike+ Fuelband SE might be the thing for you. As a broke college student I’ll stick to the cheaper side of things.

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Twitter Fills Your Timeline With Photos

When Twitter was first introduced it’s main use was to be able to post your random thoughts in text form. It then quickly changed into a platform to share pictures and different links with your followers. Back then you were able to scroll through your Twitter timeline and see tweets with links to pictures or videos that you could just simply click on to open. Now, Twitter has come out with a new update where you no longer have to click on these links because 1) there are no longer links to click on and 2) the pictures or videos that your followers post are now visible right on your timeline. This new feature allows for a more visible timeline, if you’re into that. Twitter’s VP of product states that the new update allows you to feel “closer” and it should make you feel like you are in the action. Not really something that I want to witness at all times.

The change only applies to Vine videos and pictures uploaded to Twitter, not Instagram links.

There is one downfall to this new update. Social media can be very unpredictable, so now you are going to be exposed to a lot of pictures. Which can make scrolling through your timeline very awkward if someone is watching over your shoulder.

I have downloaded the new update and have witnessed the the pictures being displayed straight on my timeline. It is kinda of a sensory overload when you are scrolling through and there are millions of pictures popping up. It is almost like Twitter is trying to become more like Facebook. Also, there are some pictures that I would rather not see and I liked having the option to view the pictures or videos that I wanted to see.

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The Importance of Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management for Today’s Brands

With online presence becoming more important each day, popular brands need to be aware of what their consumers can and can’t see. Over the past couple of years social media has grown exponentially, which has made it easier for people to notice a brand’s mistakes and triumphs. With that being said, having a positive online reputation in today’s social media crazed society is especially important when it comes to online brand management. A recent blog post on SocialMedia Today explains multiple ways in which popular brands can actually use social media to their advantage when monitoring their online reputation. Using those tips, brands can successfully make a positive presence on social media platforms.

It is a scarier process for brands to open their doors to the social media world, when 22% of consumers are ready to fire down a company about a bad experience. Every company risks confrontations with unhappy customers and “trollers” online, but if a company decides to hide from it and not build an online presence then there is no way that they can build their reputation. It doesn’t matter if a company has an online profile or not, consumers will still go to their social media platforms and tell all their followers about their experiences. By creating an online presence and building an online reputation a brand will have the opportunity to become active and interact with consumers, which in return, will build credibility for the company/brand.  A blog post on Memeburn describes four tips for online reputation management that companies can use if they are hesitant to step out into the social media world.

Retrieved from Google Search.

Retrieved from Google Search

Relevance to Public Relations 

In the public relations world, professionals have the ability to communicate with key publics to relay a communications campaign for a specific brand. It is also their job to make sure that the brand they are representing has a spotless reputation. With the fast-changing technology, public relations is forced to change and evolve with new online strategies and tactics.

The traditional public relations model, 1) define the problem, 2) plan the strategy, 3) take action, and 4) evaluate through assessment, CAN still be used when dealing with online efforts. Making it a not-so-big transition in making an online public relations campaign. The only challenge now is that professionals have to look a little closer to what target audiences they are trying to reach. An article from AnvilMedia states that the trickiest part to creating an online management campaign is targeting the audience that needs to be informed while, at the same time, not gaining any attention from those who don’t.

Moving into the world of social media, public relations professionals are able to interact and connect with their consumers.  This ability can make solving a crisis a lot easier and create a faster way to communicate the crisis with the consumers unlike traditional press releases or press conferences. A bulk of today’s society can go without cable because they receive all of their news through social media platforms. So, a public relations team must transform their crisis plan or communication campaign to fit into a social media platform status.

This video discusses the ideas of merging an online reputation campaign and traditional public relations.

Significance of Online Reputation Management Today

Having a online reputation is extremely significant and today’s society. There are an array of things that people can find and see just being present on social media. With consumers becoming more vocal about their experiences and the power of the “customer review” growing, brands need to make sure that their online presence exists and exists positively. Stated in the Brick Marketing Blognegative posts may exist and they won’t disappear, but it is up to the company/brand to create more positive news to hide it and push it farther down on a web search.

An article in Socialnomics states that 94% of people never click past the first page on a search page. Making online reputation management crucial! As said before even if you feel that not having an online profile hides you away from negative comments or posts, it doesn’t. People will talk regardless, therefore, companies must be present to defend themselves and to create a positive connection with their fans. The worst thing a company can do is hide from a mistake and not respond to worried consumers. Create an online presence and connect with your costumers, it will all, in the end, create a positive outlook and reputation for your company.

I have created a Pinterest board where the importance of online reputation management is explained more with multiple infographics and articles.

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Fortune 500 Companies New to the World of Instagram

Instagram. A social media  platform where you can freely post pictures of your (questionable) precious dog, your oh-so-delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte, or add to your collection of “shameless selfies”. Along with yourself and your 500 followers, over 123 Fortune 500 companies can now use Instagram at their disposal. These companies will most likely not be taking “selfies,” but will be using it to create marketing buzz for their products. Brands like Nike, Starbucks (PSL selfies?), and Whole Foods are some of the top users in the Fortune 500 Instagram world.

TrackMaven, a competitive analysis firm, has just recently come out with a study that exposed the Fortune 500 companies and how they use Instagram. If these companies only have an Instagram account but aren’t using it, it doesn’t give them the interactions and followers that they need to promote their products, they actually have to use it. In the TrackMaven study they found that only 22% of the 123 companies actually had active accounts. What in the world?! Along with that shocking statistic TrackMaven came out with some Instagram tips for these companies to get them headed in the right direction.

Those tips included: using picture v. video post, the best time to post, Instagram hashtags, and even the most popular photo filters.  All perfect tips to build a good brand influence on social media platforms.

All companies, today, need an easy way to build and show off their brand. Instagram should be the perfect/easiest place to do that! It’s FREE, y’all! Companies can use pictures to show off products, promote sales, and now use Instagram video to share different customer experiences. Adding this to any company’s marketing strategy should be the best way to get the company’s name  out and to get people talking. Instagram is the new “hip” thing so companies should definitely jump on the band wagon and give it a whirl.

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New Age Addicts

It seems as though that as the world is changing the use of the word, addict, has taken on a new meaning. When I was in middle school or high school using the internet was a privilege. I wasn’t allowed to use it everyday and it was used mostly for homework or maybe some free time. Nowadays, I am on the internet every single day for hours at a time. There is never a day where I am not on my social media sites or “googling” something. Now, would that be considered an addict? Would I be able to just completely stop using the internet for 3 days straight?  Am I an addict????

According to Dr. Kimberly Young Internet addiction is extremely prevalent these days because you cannot gain weight from using too much of it, it’s free, and it is not illegal. Just look around the mall or Starbucks, everyone is either zombies on their phones or completely glued to their computer screens. This makes it a prime candidate for being an addiction. In 1995, Young began the Center for Internet Addiction at the Bradford hospital. It’s a 10 day treatment that takes four patients at time, in which patients will be separated from the internet for 72 days and take part in group therapy. Extreme? Maybe just a little…

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health does not officially recognize internet addiction as a mental illness, since researchers have not yet recognized the difference between using the Internet as a pastime and using it out of compulsion (the completely obsessed). With that being said, “Gaming Disorder” appears in the recent version of the manual, stating that there have actually been deaths after spending days on end playing video games. To me these “disorders” seem the exact same. But, since Internet addiction has not been classified I am sorry to say that insurance does not cover the treatment program, so make sure you have an extra $14,000 lying around if you feel you need to be admitted to this program.

Read the full story below!

U.S. Hospital Rehab Program Treats Internet Addiction

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