New Age Addicts

It seems as though that as the world is changing the use of the word, addict, has taken on a new meaning. When I was in middle school or high school using the internet was a privilege. I wasn’t allowed to use it everyday and it was used mostly for homework or maybe some free time. Nowadays, I am on the internet every single day for hours at a time. There is never a day where I am not on my social media sites or “googling” something. Now, would that be considered an addict? Would I be able to just completely stop using the internet for 3 days straight?  Am I an addict????

According to Dr. Kimberly Young Internet addiction is extremely prevalent these days because you cannot gain weight from using too much of it, it’s free, and it is not illegal. Just look around the mall or Starbucks, everyone is either zombies on their phones or completely glued to their computer screens. This makes it a prime candidate for being an addiction. In 1995, Young began the Center for Internet Addiction at the Bradford hospital. It’s a 10 day treatment that takes four patients at time, in which patients will be separated from the internet for 72 days and take part in group therapy. Extreme? Maybe just a little…

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health does not officially recognize internet addiction as a mental illness, since researchers have not yet recognized the difference between using the Internet as a pastime and using it out of compulsion (the completely obsessed). With that being said, “Gaming Disorder” appears in the recent version of the manual, stating that there have actually been deaths after spending days on end playing video games. To me these “disorders” seem the exact same. But, since Internet addiction has not been classified I am sorry to say that insurance does not cover the treatment program, so make sure you have an extra $14,000 lying around if you feel you need to be admitted to this program.

Read the full story below!

U.S. Hospital Rehab Program Treats Internet Addiction

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