Fortune 500 Companies New to the World of Instagram

Instagram. A social media  platform where you can freely post pictures of your (questionable) precious dog, your oh-so-delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte, or add to your collection of “shameless selfies”. Along with yourself and your 500 followers, over 123 Fortune 500 companies can now use Instagram at their disposal. These companies will most likely not be taking “selfies,” but will be using it to create marketing buzz for their products. Brands like Nike, Starbucks (PSL selfies?), and Whole Foods are some of the top users in the Fortune 500 Instagram world.

TrackMaven, a competitive analysis firm, has just recently come out with a study that exposed the Fortune 500 companies and how they use Instagram. If these companies only have an Instagram account but aren’t using it, it doesn’t give them the interactions and followers that they need to promote their products, they actually have to use it. In the TrackMaven study they found that only 22% of the 123 companies actually had active accounts. What in the world?! Along with that shocking statistic TrackMaven came out with some Instagram tips for these companies to get them headed in the right direction.

Those tips included: using picture v. video post, the best time to post, Instagram hashtags, and even the most popular photo filters.  All perfect tips to build a good brand influence on social media platforms.

All companies, today, need an easy way to build and show off their brand. Instagram should be the perfect/easiest place to do that! It’s FREE, y’all! Companies can use pictures to show off products, promote sales, and now use Instagram video to share different customer experiences. Adding this to any company’s marketing strategy should be the best way to get the company’s name  out and to get people talking. Instagram is the new “hip” thing so companies should definitely jump on the band wagon and give it a whirl.

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