The Importance of Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management for Today’s Brands

With online presence becoming more important each day, popular brands need to be aware of what their consumers can and can’t see. Over the past couple of years social media has grown exponentially, which has made it easier for people to notice a brand’s mistakes and triumphs. With that being said, having a positive online reputation in today’s social media crazed society is especially important when it comes to online brand management. A recent blog post on SocialMedia Today explains multiple ways in which popular brands can actually use social media to their advantage when monitoring their online reputation. Using those tips, brands can successfully make a positive presence on social media platforms.

It is a scarier process for brands to open their doors to the social media world, when 22% of consumers are ready to fire down a company about a bad experience. Every company risks confrontations with unhappy customers and “trollers” online, but if a company decides to hide from it and not build an online presence then there is no way that they can build their reputation. It doesn’t matter if a company has an online profile or not, consumers will still go to their social media platforms and tell all their followers about their experiences. By creating an online presence and building an online reputation a brand will have the opportunity to become active and interact with consumers, which in return, will build credibility for the company/brand.  A blog post on Memeburn describes four tips for online reputation management that companies can use if they are hesitant to step out into the social media world.

Retrieved from Google Search.

Retrieved from Google Search

Relevance to Public Relations 

In the public relations world, professionals have the ability to communicate with key publics to relay a communications campaign for a specific brand. It is also their job to make sure that the brand they are representing has a spotless reputation. With the fast-changing technology, public relations is forced to change and evolve with new online strategies and tactics.

The traditional public relations model, 1) define the problem, 2) plan the strategy, 3) take action, and 4) evaluate through assessment, CAN still be used when dealing with online efforts. Making it a not-so-big transition in making an online public relations campaign. The only challenge now is that professionals have to look a little closer to what target audiences they are trying to reach. An article from AnvilMedia states that the trickiest part to creating an online management campaign is targeting the audience that needs to be informed while, at the same time, not gaining any attention from those who don’t.

Moving into the world of social media, public relations professionals are able to interact and connect with their consumers.  This ability can make solving a crisis a lot easier and create a faster way to communicate the crisis with the consumers unlike traditional press releases or press conferences. A bulk of today’s society can go without cable because they receive all of their news through social media platforms. So, a public relations team must transform their crisis plan or communication campaign to fit into a social media platform status.

This video discusses the ideas of merging an online reputation campaign and traditional public relations.

Significance of Online Reputation Management Today

Having a online reputation is extremely significant and today’s society. There are an array of things that people can find and see just being present on social media. With consumers becoming more vocal about their experiences and the power of the “customer review” growing, brands need to make sure that their online presence exists and exists positively. Stated in the Brick Marketing Blognegative posts may exist and they won’t disappear, but it is up to the company/brand to create more positive news to hide it and push it farther down on a web search.

An article in Socialnomics states that 94% of people never click past the first page on a search page. Making online reputation management crucial! As said before even if you feel that not having an online profile hides you away from negative comments or posts, it doesn’t. People will talk regardless, therefore, companies must be present to defend themselves and to create a positive connection with their fans. The worst thing a company can do is hide from a mistake and not respond to worried consumers. Create an online presence and connect with your costumers, it will all, in the end, create a positive outlook and reputation for your company.

I have created a Pinterest board where the importance of online reputation management is explained more with multiple infographics and articles.

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