Twitter Fills Your Timeline With Photos

When Twitter was first introduced it’s main use was to be able to post your random thoughts in text form. It then quickly changed into a platform to share pictures and different links with your followers. Back then you were able to scroll through your Twitter timeline and see tweets with links to pictures or videos that you could just simply click on to open. Now, Twitter has come out with a new update where you no longer have to click on these links because 1) there are no longer links to click on and 2) the pictures or videos that your followers post are now visible right on your timeline. This new feature allows for a more visible timeline, if you’re into that. Twitter’s VP of product states that the new update allows you to feel “closer” and it should make you feel like you are in the action. Not really something that I want to witness at all times.

The change only applies to Vine videos and pictures uploaded to Twitter, not Instagram links.

There is one downfall to this new update. Social media can be very unpredictable, so now you are going to be exposed to a lot of pictures. Which can make scrolling through your timeline very awkward if someone is watching over your shoulder.

I have downloaded the new update and have witnessed the the pictures being displayed straight on my timeline. It is kinda of a sensory overload when you are scrolling through and there are millions of pictures popping up. It is almost like Twitter is trying to become more like Facebook. Also, there are some pictures that I would rather not see and I liked having the option to view the pictures or videos that I wanted to see.

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