Social Media Monitoring – American Horror Story

I have decided to analyze and compare American Horror Story’s Twitter and Facebook pages. I chose to monitor these pages at one of the highest times of activity, which would be on Wednesday with the premiere of a new episode.  On Twitter, with the amount of tweets that were coming in within minutes of each other, I decided to monitor 30 mentions using the hashtag #AHS. On Facebook, I chose a recent picture that was posted for that night’s episode and monitored 30 comments on that. With the information that I gathered from monitoring both social media sites I not only compared the negative and positive mentions/comments, which I made a graph for, I also analyzed the different themes that the audience was drawn to.

After monitoring the negative and positive mentions/comments I found that most people tended to leave negative comments on Facebook. The picture below is the one I monitored and it had the caption “Tomorrow, you best listen to jazz.”  Obviously relating to some of last weeks scenes.


 The comments on this picture were mostly positive relating to the photo and about loving the character or the show, but there were a couple of comments about how they disliked the storyline of this season and wished it were better. On Twitter, since American Horror Story didn’t post a related picture, the followers mentions were mostly excitement about that night’s episode. Out of the 30 mentions that I monitored there was not a single negative one.

Created on

Created on

 One thing I noticed between Facebook and Twitter is that the audience responds more when there is a picture posted. On the official Facebook page each picture that was posted with a quote caption got between 50,000 to over 130,000 likes at one time, with shares up to 15,000 per photo. Even posts without pictures get from 30,000 to 90,000 likes. On Twitter, when a picture is posted it can get between 600 to 1,000 favorites, with up to 1,500 retweets. I also found something on Twitter that was not happening on the Facebook page. The American Horror Story followers have almost created a cult-based fan club, by using different saying from the show. A majority of the tweets had the saying “One Wednesdays we wear black” with an accompanying picture of the main characters dressed in black.

Based on the all the information that I found monitoring Facebook and Twitter I have created some recommendations for American Horror Story. For one, I think that they should create a larger audience in the Twitter world. Their Facebook page has over 5 million likes and their Twitter page only has around 300,000 followers. Adding more Twitter followers will help the show to gain more recognition over multiple social media sites.  American Horror Story has recently become apart of the GetGlue craze, so they should also be promoting their association with that and getting more fans to join. I believe that American Horror Story has a great following of fans and that is seen by the interactions on both social media sites. As long as they keep their interactions high they will keep bringing in the social media fans.

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